Monday, May 7, 2012

Orlando Baby Photographer

Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE my job??

Watching kiddos and families grow simply warms my heart. This family is no different... they just welcomed boy number three to their roster, and they couldn't be happier about it.

The two BIG brothers :)

I love feet.

I still love feet.

Melts my heart.

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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Back to Nature Part 3 - Orlando Child Photographer

YES... I'm still posting images of my first born.
Yes... he's STILL wearing the same yellow hat.

Funny thing here is, he NEVER wears hats. NEVER.

Prior to our trip into the woods, we discussed ticks with him and explained how they can fall from the trees and land in your hair. That was all it took. He wore that hat like it was an OSHA requirement.

Now that we are home (and tickless)... the hat is gone. Seriously, I have no clue where he chucked it.

So all of my friends who have been horrified by my son's gangster style of hat usage... Fear not. It was a short phase.


Saturday, May 5, 2012

Back to Nature Part 2 - Orlando Child Photographer

I'm back!  More favorites to share from our Territories trip last weekend.  If you are sick and tired of looking at countless images of my adorable child wearing the same yellow hat....  Stop reading immediately and go back to facebook.  Go ahead and LIKE my page while you're there.  :)

I still have more to sort through....  and then post....  bear with me.

Check out this awesome outdoor shooting range.

This one could be my favorite image of the whole trip.

Makes me smile. 

Back to nature. Orlando Child Photographer

Tap Tap Tap.... is this thing on?
It's been a while.... I need to do a little catching up on my old bloggie! Today seems to be the day to do just that.

We spent last weekend in the woods of South Carolina.   We stayed at The Territories on the Saluda River Preserve.   All I can say is it was INCREDIBLE!   Just the 3 of us.... NO. ONE. ELSE.   It was eerie, and yet liberating. We loved it!   We rode UTVs, went fishing, searched for arrowheads, played countless hours of frisbee, built campfires, shot 550 (true story) rounds through my son's .22 rifle and had an all around amazing family weekend.

Ever wonder what happens when you furiously shake a soda can and then shoot it with a rifle???

 See below...

I'll be back later with more images of our adventures. Stay tuned. :) sl