Monday, June 25, 2012

Central Florida Child Photographer - Camp Littrell

Howdy!  I'm back for more blog-o-rama goodness thanks to Tropical Storm Debby .  We have had it pretty easy....  Thank Goodness... but are still suffering from cabin fever like the rest of our friends all over the sunshine state. 

Brace yourself.  This post will be a long one.... and jam packed with my favorite images of a week spent with Grady.  Grady is my BFF's youngest child.... and I love him like my own.  After this week together, I think he loves me a little bit too!  This was the first summer he ventured away from the nest "solo".  My BFF and I have talked about doing this for years.... and *NOW* our boys are old enough to try it.  The only thing I can say about that week of craziness is.....  NO REGRETS! 

Here we go..... 

It was a crazy week filled with lots of boys and lots of dirt.  Can't wait to do it again next year.  Like I said.....  NO REGRETS!


  1. Lovely kids, cool pictures and awesome photography. :)

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  2. Hey! Awsome photographs! I would want to ask you what model of dslr do u use ? I'm a free-lance photographer.
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  3. Thank You! I currently shoot with the Nikon D700

  4. I miss the days of summer camp and feeling like a kid though you are just the parent of one. My kids loved the camp days and still now that they are old and grown, they look back so fondly on their campfire days. I wish I knew you could take these kind of photos of them at camp! I totally would of done it! Is this is Florida? They would of loved summer camp down south! Bet that is a really good time and by the looks of it, these kids are having a great time. I was just in Florida for a family reunion and we had a blast. The Palm Bay Hotel ( was a large venue and had even larger savings for us!


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