Monday, July 9, 2012

Central Florida Child Photographer

If you are a follower of my facebook page ... you've seen a few of these images.  If you are looking at these for the first time....  WHY aren't you following me on facebook?  It only takes a second to click LIKE and make my day.  :)


  1. so touchy photography.. A very nice shots or an amazing posies...

    Kansas City Baby Photography

  2. So CUTEEEE! I cannot wait for my kids to get a little bit older so we can take photos like this and hang them everywhere! You have some great shots, if we were from Florida we would definitely use you. I love the area though, we were thinking of relocating and if that is the case! I love the brother sister shot you took, so candid and original! We were just in Palm Bay for a family reunion and we all had a great time, good photos of the kids were taken! We stayed at the Palm Bay Hotel ( It was so affordable and the two pools kept us all entertained!


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