Monday, August 29, 2011

Closest to the pin. - Orlando child photographer

We have been waiting for this day for a LONG time.  This is the day we can finally call this 5 year old piggy bank FULL.  We have been very close to this day for a while.... yet could still squeeze in coins.  Not ready. 

So today we purged  this bank.  It was HEAVY.  In fact, my son hasn't been able to pick it up solo for months.  This sucker contained 12 dollar bills, 2 rubber bands, 1 silly band, 2 candy wrappers and countless coins. 

Wanna play a game???  and win a prize??   Guess the weight of his piggy bank.  Easy enough, right?  Closest to the pin wins a 30 minute session and a $50 print credit.  Only 1 guess per person per day.  Have fun!  Contest ends this Wednesday at noon EST.  I will post the weight and the winner later that afternoon.

1.  Leave a nice little comment here on this blogpost.
2.  Go to my Shannon Littrell Photography fan page (if you haven't done so already, go ahead and like me)  
3.  Leave your answer under the blog contest post  (1 guess per person, per day)
4.  Cross your fingers to be the lucky winner :)

sizing it up.


wowsers!  this thing is heavy.

don't let go daddy.

checking out the loot.

I wonder how much money is in here...  perhaps another contest next week???   ;)

Have fun. 


  1. Neat idea. My guess is 11 lbs.

  2. I love it!! Hey Dubs.. can I borrow a few bucks? :)

  3. 11 lbs 1 oz, love it, great idea

  4. 19 lbs.... (team effort.... This has been quite a discussion point for the last 24 hours)

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  6. I am gonna guess 9.25lbs. This is such a fun idea. Wonder what he is going to spend all that change on?? You wil have to keep us posted. : )

  7. Thanks to all who participated! What fun!


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